Meyns, Chris ed.

Information and the history of philosophy - Milton Park : Routledge, 2021 - xiv, 377 p. ; ill., 26 cm - Rewriting the history of philosophy .

Includes bibliographical references and index.

In recent years the philosophy of information and information usage has emerged as an important area of research in philosophy. However, until now its philosophical history has been largely overlooked. Information and the History of Philosophy is the first comprehensive investigation of the history of philosophical questions around information, from the classical period to the twenty-first century. It covers scientific and machine-centred notions of information, as well as human-centred theories of information encompassing human knowledge and consciousness, as well as socio-political topics such as the control of information, censorship and propaganda. Organised into five clear parts, nineteen chapters by an international team of contributors cover the following topics and more: information and classical philosophy, including ancient Greek and Chinese theories of information early theories of information processing, cryptography and visions as a source of information information and modern philosophy: Leibniz; probabilistic information and Condorcet . The nineteenth century, including genetic information; Lovelace, Babbage and information machines; and information and eugenics contemporary philosophy of information, including Shannon information, Turing machines, consciousness and quantified selves. Information and the History of Philosophy is a landmark publication in this emerging field. As such, it is essential reading for students and researchers in the history of philosophy, philosophy of science and technology, and library and information studies. It is also a valuable resource for those working in subjects such as the history of science, media and communication studies, and intellectual history.


Information sciences
Google books
Algorithmic Information Theory(AIT)
Automata theory
Babbage, Charles
Du Bois
Fuzzy sets;
Nineteenth-century information revolution
Shannon information
Social reform
System theory
Vacaspati Misra
Yinyang information

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