Chen, Hongwei

Monthly problem gems - Boca Raton : CRC Press, 2021 - ix, 313 p. ; ill., 24 cm

Includes bibliographical references and index.

This book is an outgrowth of a collection of sixty-two problems offered in the The American Mathematical Monthly (AMM) the author has worked over the last two decades. Each selected problem has a central theme, contains gems of sophisticated ideas connected to important current research, and opens new vistas in the understanding of mathematics. The AMM problem section provides one of the most challenging and interesting problem sections among the various journals and online sources currently available. The published problems and solutions have become a treasure trove rife with mathematical gems. The author presents either his published solution in the AMM or an alternative solution to the published one to present and develop problem-solving techniques. A rich glossary of important theorems and formulas is included for easy reference. The reader may regard this book as a starter set for AMM problems, providing a jumping of point to new ideas, and extending their personal lexicon of problems and solutions. This collection is intended to encourage the reader to move away from routine exercises toward creative solutions, as well as offering the reader a systematic illustration of how to organize the transition from problem solving to exploring, investigating and discovering new results.


Mathematics Problems, exercises, etc.
Mathematics Study & Teaching
Abel's limit theorem
AM-GM inequality
Beta function
Cauchy-Schwarz inequality
Euler's constant
Gamma function
Harmonic numbers
L'Hopital's monotone rule
Leibniz rule
Parseval's identity
Riemann zeta function
Wilker's inequality

510.76 / CHE

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