Rowntree, Derek

Statistics without tears : an introduction for non-mathematicians - London : Penguin Books, 2018 - vi, 199 p. ; ill., 20 cm

Includes bibliographical references and index.

A clear and trustworthy guide to understanding statistics, a perennial bestseller now fully revised and updated. This book is written for anyone who needs or wants to know how statistics work. It assumes no expert knowledge, and teaches through words and diagrams rather than through figures, formulae and equations - providing the perfect approach for the non-mathematical reader. Written as a "tutorial in print", Derek Rowntree includes questions in his argument; readers can answer them as they go, enabling them to measure their performance and judge how far they have mastered the subject.


Mathematical statistics
Alternative hypothesis
Block diagrams
Category variables
Discrete variables
Frequency distributions
Grouped frequency-distribution
Inter-quartile range
Null hypothesis
One-tailed test
Raw data
Sampling variation

519.5 / ROW

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