Krantz, Steven G.

Convex analysis - Boca Raton : CRC Press, 2015 - xiii, 161 p. ; ill., 23 cm - Textbooks in mathematics .

Includes bibliographical references and index.

Convexity is an ancient idea going back to Archimedes. Used sporadically in the mathematical literature over the centuries, today it is a flourishing area of research and a mathematical subject in its own right. Convexity is used in optimization theory, functional analysis, complex analysis, and other parts of mathematics.Convex Analysis introduces analytic tools for studying convexity and provides analytical applications of the concept. The book includes a general background on classical geometric theory which allows readers to obtain a glimpse of how modern mathematics is developed and how g.


Convex geometry
Functional analysis
Operator theory
Discrete geometry
Convex functions
Brunn-Minkowski inequality
Defining function
Exhaustion function
Factorial function
Gamma function
Hausdorff distance
Krein-Milman theorem
Linear programming
Mini Max theorem
Minikowski functional
Ortho -convex set
Subharmonic functions
Targent directions

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