Yu, Hong-Bing

Problems and solutions in mathematical olympiad (High School 3) - 2023 World Scientific Publishing, Singapore : - xiii,363 p. ; ill., 23 cm

The series is edited by the head coaches of China's IMO National Team. Each volume, catering to different grades, is contributed by the senior coaches of the IMO National Team. The Chinese edition has won the award of Top 50 Most Influential Educational Brands in China. The series is created in line with the mathematics cognition and intellectual development levels of the students in the corresponding grades. All hot mathematics topics of the competition are included in the volumes and are organized into chapters where concepts and methods are gradually introduced to equip the students with necessary knowledge until they can finally reach the competition level. In each chapter, well-designed problems including those collected from real competitions are provided so that the students can apply the skills and strategies they have learned to solve these problems. Detailed solutions are provided selectively. As a feature of the series, we also include some solutions generously offered by the members of Chinese national team and national training team.


Mathematics cognition
IMO National Team
Study, teaching
Number systems

510.76 / YUH

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