Bower, Timothy

Introduction to computational engineering with MATLAB - Boca Raton : CRC Press, 2023 - xxiv, 414 p. ; ill., 24 cm - Chapman & Hall/CRC numerical analysis and scientific computing series .

Includes bibliographical references and index.

Introduction to Computational Engineering with MATLAB aims to teach readers how to use MATLAB programming to solve numerical engineering problems. The book focuses on computational engineering with the objective of helping engineering students improve their numerical problem-solving skills. The book cuts a middle path between undergraduate texts that simply focus on programming and advanced mathematical texts that skip over foundational concepts, feature cryptic mathematical expressions, and do not provide sufficient support for novices. Although this book covers some advanced topics, readers do not need prior computer programming experience or an advanced mathematical background. Instead, the focus is on learning how to leverage the computer and software environment to do the hard work. The problem areas discussed are related to data-driven engineering, statistics, linear algebra, and numerical methods. Some example problems discussed touch on robotics, control systems, and machine learning. Features: Demonstrates through algorithms and code segments how numeric problems are solved with only a few lines of MATLAB code Quickly teaches students the basics and gets them started programming interesting problems as soon as possible No prior computer programming experience or advanced math skills required Suitable for students at undergraduate level who have prior knowledge of college algebra, trigonometry, and are enrolled in Calculus I MATLAB script files, functions, and datasets used in examples are available for download from


Engineering Data processing
Box plot
Command window
Coordonate frame
Dot product
Linear algebra
LU decomposition
Matrix multiplication
Null space
ODE solvers
QR algorithm
Random number
Round-off errors
Symmetric matrix

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