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008 210616b xxu||||| |||| 00| 0 eng d
020 _a9780128043172
082 _a519.5
100 _aRoss, Sheldon M.
245 _aIntroductory Statistics
250 _a4th ed.
260 _bAcademic Press,
_aAmsterdam :
300 _axxvii, 796 p. ;
_bill. (some col.),
_c24 cm
365 _b125.00
504 _aIncludes bibliographical references and index.
520 _aIntroductory Statistics, Fourth Edition, reviews statistical concepts and techniques in a manner that will teach students not only how and when to utilize the statistical procedures developed, but also how to understand why these procedures should be used. The text's main merits are the clarity of presentation, contemporary examples and applications from diverse areas, an explanation of intuition, and the ideas behind the statistical methods. Concepts are motivated, illustrated, and explained in a way that attempts to increase one's intuition. To quote from the preface, it is only when a student develops a feel or intuition for statistics that she or he is really on the path toward making sense of data. Ross achieves this goal through a coherent mix of mathematical analysis, intuitive discussions, and examples. Applications and examples refer to real-world issues, such as gun control, stock price models, health issues, driving age limits, school admission ages, use of helmets, sports, scientific fraud, and many others. Examples relating to data mining techniques using the number of Google queries or Twitter tweets are also considered. For this fourth edition, new topical coverage includes sections on Pareto distribution and the 80-20 rule, Benford's law, added material on odds and joint distributions and correlation, logistic regression, A-B testing, and more modern (big data) examples and exercises.
650 _aMathematical statistics
650 _aStatistics
650 _aANOVA tests
650 _a; Bayes' theorem
650 _aBinomial distributions
650 _a Central limit theorem
650 _aChi-squared random variables
650 _a Control Charts
650 _a Stem - Leaf Plots
650 _a F - distribution
650 _aLeast squares method
650 _a Nonparametric hypotheses tests
650 _aP value
650 _aPlacebo effect
650 _aSigned - rank test
650 _aRandom Samples
650 _a Limit theorem
650 _aZ test
650 _a Quality Control
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