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020 _a9783030789848
082 _a658.403
100 _aLapucci, Massimo ed.
245 _aData science for social good : philanthropy and social impact in a complex
260 _bSpringer,
_aCham :
300 _axii, 99 p. ;
_bill. (some color),
_c24 cm
365 _b54.99
490 _aSpringerBriefs in complexity,
504 _aIncludes bibliographical references.
520 _aThis book is a collection of reflections by thought leaders at first-mover organizations in the exploding field of "Data Science for Social Good", meant as the application of knowledge from computer science, complex systems and computational social science to challenges such as humanitarian response, public health, sustainable development. The book provides both an overview of scientific approaches to social impact identifying a social need, targeting an intervention, measuring impact and the complementary perspective of funders and philanthropies that are pushing forward this new sector. This book will appeal to students and researchers in the rapidly growing field of data science for social impact, to data scientists at companies whose data could be used to generate more public value, and to decision makers at nonprofits, foundations, and agencies that are designing their own agenda around data.
650 _aDecision making Statistical methods
650 _aSocial service Statistical methods
650 _aSocial service Data processing
650 _aComplex Systems
650 _aData Structures and Information Theory
650 _aPublic Health
700 _aCattuto, Ciro
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