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020 _a9789354358975
082 _a111.85
100 _aHick, Darren Hudson
245 _aIntroducing aesthetics and the philosophy of art
260 _bBloomsbury Academic India,
_cNew York :
300 _axiii, 288 p. ;
_c23 cm
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504 _aIncludes bibliographical references and index.
520 _aWhen Don Featherstone's plastic pink flamingos were first advertised in the 1957 Sears catalogue, the instructions were 'place in garden, lawn, to beautify'. The flamingos are placed on the cover of this book for another reason: to start us asking questions. That's where philosophy always begins. Introducing Aesthetics and the Philosophy of Art is written to introduce students to a broad array of questions that have occupied philosophers since antiquity, and which continue to bother us today. Grounded in an array of real-world examples, from the classical to the contemporary - and from Marcel Duchamp's signed urinal to The Exorcist to the ugliest animal in the world - each chapter opens with an illustrated guiding case, introducing a number of the issues to be discussed, and serving as a touchstone throughout the chapter. Now expanded and revised, this is the ideal introduction to the major problems, issues, and debates in the philosophy of art and aesthetics.
650 _aArt Philosophy
650 _aAesthetic attention
650 _aArtistic practice
650 _a Arts funding
650 _aBeauty
650 _aPlastic bird
650 _aPink flamingos
650 _aCultural appropriation
650 _aCreation,discovery
650 _aDisinterestedness
650 _aEvaluation
650 _a Fine arts
650 _aGender
650 _aMoralism,radical
650 _aPleasure
650 _aPythagoras
650 _aRomanticism
650 _aSentiment
650 _aTragedy
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