Muller, Vincent C.

Fundamental issues of artificial intelligence - Switzerland: Springer, 2016 - IX, 572 p. ill. 24 cm. - Synthese Library, Studies in Epistemology, Logic, Methodology, and Philosophy of Science ; 376 .

This volume offers a look at the fundamental issues of present and future AI, especially from cognitive science, computer science, neuroscience and philosophy. This work examines the conditions for artificial intelligence, how these relate to the conditions for intelligence in humans and other natural agents, as well as ethical and societal problems that artificial intelligence raises or will raise. The key issues this volume investigates include the relation of AI and cognitive science, ethics of AI and robotics, brain emulation and simulation, hybrid systems and cyborgs, intelligence and intelligence testing, interactive systems, multi-agent systems, and super intelligence. Based on the 2nd conference on “Theory and Philosophy of Artificial Intelligence” held in Oxford, the volume includes prominent researchers within the field from around the world.


Artificial intelligence
Cognitive Psychology
Machine Intelligence
Cognition and Reasoning
Embodied Cognition

006.3 / MUL

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